Billing & Payment


WCCT invoices are issued on the first day of each month and are due on receipt. (If payment is not received by the 21st of each month, the account is at risk of suspension and a $50 reconnection fee.) Four payment options are listed below. Our preference is that (once the initial install invoice has been paid), customers set up an automatic monthly recurring payment, either through Pre-Authorized Payment (PAD) or OnLine Banking.



Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD)

The Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) method of payment is available at all Canadian banking institutions. The simplest way to opt for PAD is to drop into the office at 6 Champlain St where we can quickly complete the PAD form for your signature. Please bring two cheques with you (or the “Payor’s PAD Agreement” form from your financial institution) to complete the process. Fixed core office hours are 11am to 2 pm. You may wish to call ahead to arrange a specific time to visit.

Online Payment

This is available to WCCT subscribers who bank at BMO, CIBC, TD, Scotiabank, Tangerine (a Scotiabank affiliate), or at most Canadian Credit Unions. To do this, add “Weesoe Community Communication Technologies” (not simply WCCT) to your list of payees and include your WCCT customer account number (e.g. Rxxxx, found on each invoice) with it. We request that you specify this is to be a regular, automatic, recurring monthly payment.

e-Transfer using Auto-Deposit

WCCT is now registered for auto-deposit and accepts payments to This means that a security question and answer are not needed, and the transferred money will be automatically deposited into the WCCT bank account. To insure the transfer is applied to the correct WCCT customer account, please include your WCCT customer number (e.g., Rxxxx) in the message field.

Personal Cheque

You can write a cheque payable to WCCT. Please note on it your invoice number and WCCT Customer Account # (Rxxxx); both are indicated on your monthly invoice. Cheques can be mailed to WCCT, PO Box 1945, Deep River, ON K0J 1P0, or deposited in the drop box outside the office door at 6 Champlain St. (Please note there may be a $20 charge for NSF cheques.)


Policy on Late Payments, Arrears and
Suspension of Service

Invoices are issued on the 1st of each month for service in that month.  These invoices do not include a statement of previous unpaid invoices.

Invoices are due on receipt and if payment is not received within 21 days the account is at risk of suspension.

Once suspended, reconnection requires proof of payment of all arrears plus a reconnection fee of $50 plus HST.  After a second suspension, to be reconnected, the customer will also be required to sign up for Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD).