Residential – Phone

Phone Service

Unlimited North American long distance – Professional installation – Local support



This Voice-Over-IP (VOIP) phone service includes unlimited local and long distance calling in North America (Canada, US and Mexico), 911 service, and a package of advanced features including voice mail, call display and call forwarding.


$20/month + HST

*plus one-time install fee of $25

Rez-Fone-NA LongDistance-Plus – Coming Soon

This option adds 1000 minutes for phone calling overseas РEurope, the Middle East, Japan, Tiawan and China 

$30/month + HST

*plus one-time install fee

G3 Telecom Long Distance

Pay-As-You-Go less than $0.01/minute to 40 countries including India, and
non-contract plans starting at $4.99/month

WCCT – The Right Choice

Better value

Responsive local support

Community focused, locally managed

Driven by your needs